LinkedIn is an essential part of our career management and job search and I gave a master class on this last week.

One question I often get asked is about a photo – and how important is it?
It’s critical, we look at people’s faces and are drawn to their eyes so you need a great head and shoulders photo.
I recently I scrolled down and looked at the photos ni the ‘may like to connect with section’. With 24 photos few were great, here is what I found.

YES   Smiley Lady
YES   Woman, professional style
? Man with photo down to his waist, better if it was head and shoulders, it can easily be cropped
X Man at a wedding, very busy background
X Woman, busy background and she had her hand covering her mouth
X head and shoulders of a woman but a fuzzy photo
X Woman – much too close, and her face was bigger than the photo
X Tiny image of a person with far too much background
X Good photo but full body image so face was far too mall
X Black and white photo of a man
X An image of a heart, I can see how this connects with her business but this is a personal page, she could use this on her company page
X No photo for 11 out of 24 people

You also want to make sure you are looking your best so hair and makeup should be as good as can be. Personally I don’t wear makeup but I do for a photo shoot.

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