Many people think that a recruitment agency is going to be a great help in finding them a job.

They think they will listen to what you have to say and help you to identify the type of work you would be suited to and then help you find a job.
Alas, this is not how they work.
Think about how they are paid. Recruitment companies are paid by a company once they fill a vacancy. They get a commission and if they don’t find a successful candidate they don’t get paid. The recruitment consultants are on commission.
If the recruitment consultant thinks they can make money out of you they will take some time to coach and support you, but for most people you are on your own.
They are unlikely to tell you about any job unless you are a ‘shoe in’.

 Recruitment consultants are sales people driven by getting their commission. The ability to make a sale is top of the recruitment company requirements when they take on a new consultant.

Of course register with agencies, and for most you have nothing to lose but your time. They will have you filling in forms, and you may have to complete questionnaires and complete tests, e.g. for data entry speed/accuracy so it could take several hours. In which case you want to be more choosy over who you register with.

I’m not able to make suggestions as to which is the best as it depends on what people are looking for and location. It’s probably best to ask around and also to see how you are treated and treated when you walk into the office.


Alongside using agencies you will also want to register and use online job sites.  Sometimes the smaller, more specialised ones are better
You also want to get out there and talk to everyone you know. Let them know what you are looking for and what makes you a great match. You really do need to go beyond ‘I’m looking for a job’ as that’s too vague for other people to help, be clear. This isn’t you committing to something forever but what you want for your next job.
You can physically walk into a bar, store etc and ask if they are recruiting.

And of course – LinkedIn, and follow the advice in my eBook about joining groups, building relationships etc.

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