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We want to be happy in our work, too many people aren’t and want to know if there is something better; they want to know how can a career coach help.

Whilst many people want to understand themselves more and are prepared for the process to take time I also get enquiries from people who expect it to be a quick process.
Common enquiries I get include:
“Can you tell me about sectors/jobs that I’m not aware of which match my skills.”
“Can you evaluate my current skills and see what they would best be suited to?”.
I sometimes think people think I’m a psychic, a short discussion and I’ll tell them about their perfect job.
I can help people decide quicker when they have already identified options and want to talk through how they match and create a strategy to get there.

But … mainly career decision making takes time.

Decision making involves many factors, skills are helpful, but you need to consider much more. A choice of career is so important it must be based on knowledge.

Career coach help focuses on knowledge:

 Knowledge of yourself
Alongside looking at skills I want clients to understand their natural ability, personality, values, long term goals, preferred working environment and more.
We also need to consider the urgency, are you willing to take a step back to move forward or even to take time out to retrain? Many people can’t do this, constrained by the velvet handcuffs of a good salary and commitments based on that salary.
Knowledge of the labour market
What sorts of jobs are available, where is there likely to be growth, what jobs are in decline?
And where are you likely to be successful. You may have the underlying ability and the interest, but to get short listed you need to have a background that appeals, sometimes this will work by rethinking how you describe your achievements in previous jobs.
Clients then need to research
First online to find out more about jobs identified, then to go deeper and find out more about the possible options through talking to people. When people think that Career Coach help is going to be easy, they don’t appreciate how much time needs to be spent on research. But think about what research when you do for a holiday or to buy a new car. This is far more important to you.
We review the research to create a plan. We take realism into account and decide on something where you are likely to be successful. And then the job search starts.
My Career Coach Help will depend on my clients, key options are listed below, follow the links than schedule a time to talk.

  • Career Coaching Sessions: When you need to talk through your situation or want a career review. Read more.
  • Alongside individual sessions I offer programmes combining powerful exercises and the renowned Highlands Ability Battery. Both the cost effective Career Assessment Package or you prefer a deeper dive the Award Winning Gold Career Programme.
  • Students and Graduates: Read about how I can help young people, 13-18, here. For University Students and Graduates this is the page to find out more.
  • Executive Career Coaching – (Get promoted): For people who want to be more effective in their job, perhaps to develop leadership skills, raise their profile or get promoted.  Read more.
  • The Career Reinvention Programme: For people in mid-career ready to make a change. Your career no longer works for you, perhaps never did. Read more
  • 50+ Career and Life Coaching: When you want to take stock and look at wider life options. You may want to start planning for retirement (whenever that may be), or feel you are just getting started!  Read more.
  • Considering your own Business? It’s a big step and I want you to be well prepared. I offer an online course and a structured approach for us to work together. Read more
  • Helping Organisations: The website is focused on individual clients, I also work with organisations – offering a wide range of Occupational Psychology consultancy. Read more.

From here we move into effective job search strategies.

My career coach help will move you forward.
We take your career goal and look at your CV and LinkedIn profile and make sure they are going to work for your career direction, I can create effective CVs and LinkedIn profiles if required.
We make sure all aspects of your application market you effectively.
We practice interview techniques, so you are confident when you get shortlisted.
We work on your inner talk and make sure you have the self-belief that you will be successful.
Career coach help isn’t a quick fix but can lead to your future success. To discuss which is the right option for you, please schedule an initial consultation.

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