Online Activities

Partly done for my benefit, but also for anyone who wants to take some online cultural journeys.  Feel free to tell me of anything to add to this list, and I’ll keep it updated as I find more places to visit online.  New events The Virtual Quiz – 8-10pm on Thursdays Music Quiz THEATRE etc Selctions from the National Film Registry – this is just one, click on the link to watch many more National Theatre – Live … Continued

Be kind to yourself when working from home

I’ve been trying too hard to treat days as normal days. I work from home, so what’s changed? So much. These are not normal days. Our social contact has changed. We can no longer meet with our friends. We have to be wary of people we meet, I’m forever zigzagging across the road as I … Continued

Job Searching In The Corona Virus Crisis

Hints and Tips to be at your best. This week I’ve worked with 2 clients, one is in the midst of interviews. All now done online. She’s had to adapt her interview style to more quickly develop rapport. Another client has found all possible interviews put on hold. The organisations being applied to have frozen … Continued

Lessons from a Courageous Entrepreneur

I’m pleased to be associated with a leading recruiter – Fiona Wilson, Managing Director, FJ Wilson Talent Services, United Kingdom FJWTS’ clients are organisations for professionals. They include membership organisations, awarding bodies and learning providers. Clients use FJWTS’ solutions to help them recruit fresh talent and to make the best use of the talent they … Continued

Developing and Nurturing Future Scientists

I’m pleased to let you know about The London International Youth Science Forum 2020 (LIYSF) which aims to tackle global challenges with a programme tailored to the vision of science for change. They are ready for the  62nd edition this year, welcoming the young enthusiasts who endeavour to perform wonders in the scientific field. The … Continued

Rites of Passage: Strengthening our Communities

I’m recently back from a 10-day course: Rites of Passage: Strengthening our Communities held at the Asha Centre, Forest of Dean. I should have been in Nepal and Tibet. I was going to go on retreat and enjoy time with the Nepalese people. But with no longer being able to visit Tibet, I decided to … Continued

Becoming an optimist

I’m a glass half full person, seeing the positive in most situations. A friend of mine takes the opposite view. Expect the worst and you won’t be disappointed could be his motto. Can I change him? Should I want to? What about you, could you be more optimistic? Research suggests that optimists have better relationships and even live … Continued

Customizing Your CV

I help people create effective CVs, but they still need adapting for each job. To set yourself up for success in your job search, you will need to make minor adjustments to tailor your CV to each specific job you are targeting. Start by copying your CV and renaming it like this: YOUR_NAME-Company_Name.doc Your CV … Continued

Stepping outside our comfort zone

We feel comfortable within our comfort zone. It is a good pace to be, we aren’t stretching ourselves and it feels comfortable!  Moving on we must go through a period of uncertainty and there is fear and a lacking confidence that makes us want to go back to where we do feel safe and secure. … Continued

Tips For Acing a Group Interview

We’ve highlighted the vast number of things that you have to keep in mind when looking for a job in our article on Job Search Tips for 1st time Job Seekers so we understand how the idea of a group interview only adds to your growing number of worries as it may be something you’ve never experienced before. To help you out with this, we’ve … Continued