The time to un-become everything that isn’t really me.

Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything. Maybe it’s about un-becoming everything that isn’t really you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place. Paulo Coelho. A year ago, I thought this statement was true to me as I embraced my single life and caught up on … Continued

My Vison Quest: The Return

Friday 5 July I left home at 12.30. Excitement, anticipation and a little unsure; but certainly, up for the Vision Quest. 10 days of camping, 4 nights without a tent. I hadn’t camped for years … and over 15 years since I’d had to crawl in and out of a small dome tent. Without any … Continued

A Vision Quest – Part 2

I’ve had a range of emotions for what’s coming up – scared and nervous, with an upset tummy for nearly a week. Then the calmness came. And that remains. I don’t know in any detail what will happen, that’s good for someone like me who likes to be in control, at all times. If you … Continued

How have you developed yourself this week?

Few people focus on personal and professional development. It’s one of the topics I discuss with new clients. I’m looking for extra detail to include in their CV and other job search marketing material.   I want to see where their interests lie to help identify new career options. Too many people find it hard to … Continued

Taking a technology break

I know I have an addiction to technology – I can’t stop peaking at my phone as I work. I stand in queues in shops and click for more emails and look at FaceBook. This is nothing new and it is nearly 6 years since I wrote this article – Attention and Focus – Oh … Continued

Stop being so busy

Busy! I used to work double shifts – there was always so much to do, and I prioritised my work. This past year I’ve spent less time working, I have been more focused, but I have a busy social life. I love new experiences so why stay in when there is a band to watch. … Continued


We must all follow our vision quest to discover ourselves, and to find our relationship with the world around us. I’m at a point in my life where I want to think again on my life purpose but this time to do it in nature. I want to get in touch with the deeper part … Continued

What are Some of the Reason to Consider a Career in Online Retail Sales?

This is a guest post Whether you have just graduated from university or you are considering a major career change after having devoted decades to a specific industry, there are numerous options at your disposal. This sense of professional mobility is further enhanced thanks to the growth of the Internet. Numerous individuals have already chosen … Continued

I’m a person not a bot

I like technology and will use it when it is helpful – such as to enable people to book appointments in my online diary simply, rather than playing phone tag. I recently signed up for a service that would allow me to have bots answering questions – so you would think you were chatting online … Continued

Learn to love the rain, and difficult people

“What a horrible day. I wish it would stop raining” So many people say this, but I rarely do.  I don’t mind the rain, as long as I dress for the weather, and I have proper waterproofs for festivals. I love living in England where we have a mix of weather. Sometimes it is hot, … Continued