The Screening phone interview

Apply for a job via a recruitment consultancy and the first step is likely to be a screening interview. A recruiter phone screen interview is a lot different from an in-person interview with the hiring manager.  Recruiters are busy people who sometimes have hundreds of candidates to consider for dozens of vacancies they need to … Continued

New Year – new job or new perspective?

Early January, did you make resolutions – lose weight, stop smoking, learn a language, but already struggling? why is it so hard to make a success of this? Is one of your goals to get a new job?  Let’s talk through a structure to help you get the change you want in 2013. Review your … Continued

New Year Resolutions

I regularly get asked to comment on the radio, and don’t say yes to them all. But talking about new year resolutions was one I said yes too. Today I was on ‘The Wake Up Call’ with Anna Cookson on BBC Radio Kent. I’m used to the process – I’m usually on later than arranged, … Continued

Job Search Tips for 1st time Job Seekers

Build evidence of your employability while studying. School students don’t undertake much part-time work, but you may have been babysitting or volunteering and you will have evidence to explain your responsibility and commitment. Be clear about what you did, how it helped and provide any details of things a bit out of the ordinary that … Continued

The Benefits of Being Grounded

You can literally be grounded, by walking on earth/grass/sand. And I love to do this as much as I can. When on my Vision Quest, without food, if I felt spacey, I was told to lie tummy down on the floor, to get back in touch with me. Being grounded means being present and at … Continued

Thinking Topic: How to converse

Most times people don’t have a conversation, they talk at people. Don’t really listen (as they are planning what to say next). As part of the Meaningful Discussions project I host, we discussed the topic – The Lost Art of Conversation. We watch a number of videos, and I diligently took notes. Here are some … Continued

Thinking topic: Life and Death

I’m a host for the Cheltenham group of Meaningful Discussions. Each month we cover a different topic. This week was – Life & Death We are sent links to a number of videos, everyone watches at least one, and then we meet up, buy a drink and something to eat and I divide people into … Continued