Career Coach Feedback

What clients say about Denise as their Career Coach I’m updating my website, found these quotes at the bottom of one of my pages. It’s always good to get positive feedback. I‘m sure people have made nice comments to you on things you have done, related to your work or ypou being a lovely person; … Continued

Positive Emotions

Do you sometimes find it hard to vocalize what emotion you are currently feeling? Some words we know and use a lot, such as happy, sad, frustrated, excited … but there are others. This list, which I will add to helps us to take a wider view of how we are feeling. What can be … Continued

Should your child go to University?

University was always the answer – 3 years at university, get on a graduate training scheme and be on your way to a good career, set up for life. But its not as easy – the recession, increase in student numbers, less certainty … so young people are now questioning if university at 18 is … Continued

Letting go …

Do we need all our possessions? When we travel – do we travel light? We spend a lifetime collecting possessions. Our homes are full of beautiful things. Our wardrobes bursting with clothes. Shelves full of things to read and listen to. Why? Do we think these validate who we are? Do we want to be … Continued

The time to un-become everything that isn’t really me.

Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything. Maybe it’s about un-becoming everything that isn’t really you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place. Paulo Coelho. A year ago, I thought this statement was true to me as I embraced my single life and caught up on … Continued

My Vison Quest: The Return

Friday 5 July I left home at 12.30. Excitement, anticipation and a little unsure; but certainly, up for the Vision Quest. 10 days of camping, 4 nights without a tent. I hadn’t camped for years … and over 15 years since I’d had to crawl in and out of a small dome tent. Without any … Continued

A Vision Quest – Part 2

I’ve had a range of emotions for what’s coming up – scared and nervous, with an upset tummy for nearly a week. Then the calmness came. And that remains. I don’t know in any detail what will happen, that’s good for someone like me who likes to be in control, at all times. If you … Continued

How have you developed yourself this week?

Few people focus on personal and professional development. It’s one of the topics I discuss with new clients. I’m looking for extra detail to include in their CV and other job search marketing material.   I want to see where their interests lie to help identify new career options. Too many people find it hard to … Continued

Taking a technology break

I know I have an addiction to technology – I can’t stop peaking at my phone as I work. I stand in queues in shops and click for more emails and look at FaceBook. This is nothing new and it is nearly 6 years since I wrote this article – Attention and Focus – Oh … Continued

Stop being so busy

Busy! I used to work double shifts – there was always so much to do, and I prioritised my work. This past year I’ve spent less time working, I have been more focused, but I have a busy social life. I love new experiences so why stay in when there is a band to watch. … Continued